The age of the instruction manual is over.

We love board games, but we hate reading through the manual. Learn2Play lets you start playing your favourite games straight out of the box.


Play now, not later.

Learn2Play includes quick and easy guides that get you playing straight away.

Play once

Get started out of the box, instead of leaving everyone waiting while you read the instruction booklet.

Play again

Use Learn2Play as your guide each time you play, either as a refresher, or for new content you haven't played before!

Everyone can Learn2Play

Whether you're the host or a player, having Learn2Play by your side makes the experience easier (And more fun!)

Get help when you need it.

No more appendixes or looking up rules on BoardGameGeek. We've got you covered.

Zero time wasted

Use lightning-fast search to find the exact rules or references you're looking for.

The reference you're looking for

Alongside detailed guides, quickly access reference sheets for quick, easy gameplay.

Get in touch

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Tell us about it, and we'll find the answer and add it to Learn2Play.


New games every week

We add new content to Learn2Play constantly, and your app is refreshed automatically!

High quality guides

This isn't just a digital rulebook - the guides are handwritten to help you have the best gameplay experience possible.

Completely free

All our content is completely free. And it always will be. Unless we can't afford it. At which time we will charge a very reasonable price. Hopefully.

We know you'll love Learn2Play

Just see what our girlfriends' have to say about it:

I don't get it. Is it an app or something? Why are you showing me?
Meredith Hall
So it's like a rulebook but I have to download it?
Jess Harrison

Who we are.

We built Learn2Play because we love tabletop games.

Chris Harrison


Chris is an experienced graphic designer and UX specialist. He's responsible for making sure Learn2Play is a seamless, fun experience for every player.

His favourite game is Everdell, but only if he's playing as the Otters.

Michael Harrison


Mike's the technology guy. He's built Learn2Play using cutting edge technologies that ensure it'll be a modern, fast, reliable experience.

His favourite game is Age of Sigmar, but only if he's winning (He's usually winning).


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